Sectional Timing

ARC and Total Performance Data have joined together to provide Section Timing data for ARC’s four all-weather racecourse – Lingfield Park, Newcastle, Southwell and Wolverhampton racecourses.

For the 2016-17 All-Weather Championships Season this data will be available after each race, completely free of charge, on At The Races website.

A full demo page explaining all about the available data can be viewed on At The Races.

Sectional Timing offers in-race speed information per runner. There are some fascinating stories unfolding way before the horses reach the finish line to shine a light on.

The data is collected using a single device placed into the horse’s number cloths and these transponders send live position updates using satellite tracking.

As the name suggests, Sectional Timing means the measurement of time between points or sections which for racing means between furlong poles or every 201 meters. Advances in tracking technology now mean that the timing is being taken multiple times per second so that far more than just speed between points can and will be offered.

This information is traditionally used to establish how a race has been run, giving answers to questions such as whether the leaders started fast, whether the pace was even and when it picked up or slowed. Horses have a finite amount of energy and the winner tends to be the one who has used it most efficiently.

Since December 2015 in-race timing data has been collected from Lingfield Park, and this has been followed up with Wolverhampton, Newcastle and Southwell Racecourses.

In an era where data is key to understanding how the world works it is clear Sectional Timing has a lot offer in the further understanding of horseracing.